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Universities in the European Union seriously lag their US counterparts; America accounts for 40% of global spending on higher education
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Aug 22, 2008 - 8:21:54 AM

The current issue of the CESifo Economic Studies, an influential economics journal published by Oxford University Press (OUP) on behalf of the German Ifo Institute for Economic Research, is devoted to the state of university education in the EU.

The Ifo Institute says that in an increasingly globalised world, high-quality brainpower is a formidable tool to stay ahead of the competition–if you can nurture it, that is. In this regard, the EU paints a pretty mixed picture. A number of scholars review the reasons for this and explore options to improve the picture.

The following is a brief overview of the nine articles making up this issue.

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Most European universities suffer from stifling government regulation, have to make do with much lower funding than their North-American counterparts, and do not rank high amongst the top universities in the world. In the meantime, the booming economies of China and India will nurture world-class universities in the coming decades. Rick van der Ploeg and Reinhilde Veugelers argue that European universities need more autonomy to select students, reward staff, design new programmes, attract more funds and compete better. To get there, reforming European universities should be based on the best available empirical analysis.
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What determines good student performance at university? Elena Arias Ortiz and Catherine Dehon use a Belgian university as a case study. As suspected by many, they find that the students' socioeconomic background plays a significant role. Specifically, the mother's level of education and the father's occupational activity seem to predominate. The same results are obtained for European and non-European students. Nevertheless, when foreign students' of integration is taken into account, the authors' analysis shows the existence of a "European elite" that comes to Belgium looking for a diploma and that does much better in their first year than Belgian students.
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Do Institutions Matter for University Cost Efficiency?
Efficiency analyses of higher education institutions have so far focused primarily on the identification of inefficiency and less on the explanation of differences in efficiency performance. Gerhard Kempkes and Carsten Pohl attempt to correct this by studying the impact of institutional factors on the efficiency of 67 publicly financed German universities. They find that university costs and outputs are correlated with institutional settings such as the university's management structure or its staff body. Furthermore, econometric evidence suggests that universities which are located in states with a comparatively liberal university legal framework are more efficient than those universities operating under more restrictive state regulation.

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Louisiana State University Press Displaced Person: A Girl's Life in Russia, Germany, and America
Book (Louisiana State University Press)

Programming Jobs Losing

2005-06-24 15:29:16 by Luster_Part3

Dimming career prospects have been particularly ego-bruising for people who entered the profession during the late '90s, when employers doled out multiple job offers, generous starting salaries, and starting bonuses including stock options and Porsches.
"The current situation is getting back to the '70s and '80s, where IT workers were the basement cubicle geeks and they weren't very well off," said Matthew Moran, author of the six-month-old book "Information Technology Career Builder's Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Building Your Information Technology Career in Any Economy."
"They were making an honest living but weren't anything more than middle-class people just getting by," Moran said snaptube apk download snaptube.

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