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Summer programs are a great way for you to experience life in another culture without disruption to your academic plans. These short courses are available to students from many disciplines and all over the world. Summer programs are a fun way to gain an international experience while helping to make a difference in the world, and to learn new skills!

Brazil Scholarship Program – Strategy and Marketing for Emerging Countries

Students are invited to participate in a scholarship program at Universidade Paulista – São Paulo, (Brazil) which is one of the 2014 World Cup host cities (where the opening ceremony will be held). UNIP is a non-profit private university that is interested in receiving students from all over the world. This program is designed for students who fulfill the following conditions:

  • From 3rd year or 5th semester undergraduates, as well as graduate students
  • There is no restriction on field of study and no background of Portuguese language is required to be eligible for the program

Technion SummerThe following multicultural courses are available:

  1. Strategy & Marketing for Emerging Countries: this course is given in English and is focused on emerging countries context, being an opportunity for students from all over the world to attend a 3-week certificate program.
  2. Survival Portuguese: the course aims at providing students with some basic communicative aspects of thePortuguese language (grammar, business etiquette and day-by-day contexts).

This short-term program takes place every year in: January, July, & August

This is a great opportunity to know Brazil, one of the newest economic powers in the world and opening up new academic and professional horizons for you.

Engineering and Ecological Technologies in Cusco

The Engineering and Ecological Technologies course will be delivered entirely at Granja Ecológica Pontifica Universidad de Catolica (PUCP) in Huyro, which is aimed at the implementation, promotion and development of sustainable technologies for rural residents of Peru. Students will receive 6 credits from PUCP.

The course focuses on teaching clean technologies that allow to live comfortably on the farm as well as production technologies to take advantage of local resources.

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2008-06-29 11:48:27 by Babit

And yes actually more people in Europe are educated (dont know if i agree about about been able to do complex engineering problems)this is because our colleges and Universities are open to everyone and are much more affordable take for example two of the top schools from England and from here in America
Eton in England costs roughly 24K GBP which is roughly 50K USD now that is boarded IE your living costs are included (rent utilities etc)
Georgetown Costs roughly 42K USD but then you have roughly 20K USD in living expenses. I can tell straight away which one gives me the most bang for my buck (i also intentionally did not choose the most prestigious school here in America because then the numbers look a lot worse

American cars have been crap for 30 years now.

2006-05-27 07:46:39 by ToyotaTech

The sad part is this.
after WW2 American and world interests demanded that America quickly rebuild and strengthen the economies of Western Europe and Asia, The Original plan before the end of the war was to "Replace " Japan with China, as the super power of Asia. a Young kid named Mao fouled the plan, so we Had to opt for Japan to take the role.
At the same time many GI's took advantage of the GI collage bill and went to school , many in the engineering fields. After America invested time and money educating these men they could not get good jobs.The BIG automobile manufactures in this country where to arrogant to think differently, change and employ new technologies

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