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Jönköping University, SwedenAfter kicking off last autumn with the Fossil Free Europe tour, the divestment movement is blossoming all across the region. Here’s a list of 9 campaigns to look out for in 2014. Let’s start!

1. Jönköping University, Sweden

The university is not showing any interest in divesting, but student involvement is growing stronger. On the 25 March, the local group organised a creative action with balloons (carbon bubbles!), gathering 100 new signatures for their petition. Radio and all major regional news outlets have been covering their demands and the ongoing activities.

Gothenburg University, Sweden2. Gothenburg University, Sweden

Students started a petition last semester and were recognized by local media from the start – with coverage so far by radio, a newspaper, and a student news outlet. But hear this. In an interview, a university administration staff stated last month that “when they have 1000 names on that list, it will be different from a list of 10 names [which they presented at first]”. Guess what? They are now closing in on 1000 names (UPDATE: which they’ve passed as of today!).

3. University of Glasgow, UK

The University of Glasgow Fossil Free campaign has been the fastest growing student campaign in the UK. Since Christmas their campaign has seen the University Court, the highest body in the institution, discuss divestment.University of Glasgow, UK This led to the creation of an investment advisory committee, which is set to make a recommendation to the University in the coming months.

To influence the decision, and show strong student support, the group has co-ordinated three high profile actions. They also organised a panel discussion with students, academics and politicians to discuss “Should universities invest in the fossil fuel industry?” which over 100 people attended.

The most recent action saw the group hand in their 1237 person strong petition to university Secretary, David Newall. Each petition name was written onto a piece of paper and attached to string.University of East Anglia, UK The string was then wrapped around the famous University of Glasgow cloisters in preparation for the hand in.

4. University of East Anglia, UK

The University of East Anglia (UEA) Fossil Free campaign has had a number of setbacks this year, but that’s not stopped them campaigning and mobilising students! After becoming the first UK group to receive a rejection to their campaign demand, they received another before they were able to secure a meeting with the University. How? By escalating the campaign and applying constant pressure on the university. The group organised a national communications blockade, where students and members of the public from across the UK called, tweeted and facebooked the University asking why they won’t divest from fossil fuels. The message was loud and clear; #RejectionDenied. The group also managed to break 1000 signature barrier before their meeting with university management last week.

Fossil Free Münster, Germany Fossil Free Berlin, Germany Fossil Free VHL Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Boxtel, The Netherlands

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