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Student Tours EuropeEurope has forever been a destination option for all the college students, who are much excited to experience an astonishing blend of culture, beauty, history, food and nightlife.

Europe has lots of interesting places. Many tourists often get attracted with the cities in Europe, as there are many historic cultures that can be experienced and older structures, which are preserved.

The most frequently visited tourist places for students tours Europe are churches and castles. There are other few of the nature attractions such as culinary contentment and nightlife, which make the European trip more outstanding.

Moreover, the most eminent cities like Amsterdam, London, Paris and other places where the visitors can experience the true culture and history.

1. Rome:

Student Tours Europe - RomeRome is most populated, largest, and capital city of Italy. Rome is situated in central western part of Italian Peninsula. This is a third most visited destination for the tourist all around the world in European Union.

For students this is a place for higher education which is famous nationwide. La Sapienza is a second largest university in the world and largest university of Europe and a wonderful place for education for student tours Europe.

2. Paris:

The most prominent tourist attraction of Paris is Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel built this in 1889; this spot could be seen from many places in Paris. It is the capital of France and having country’s largest population.

Student Tours Europe - ParisAt present, it is a world’s leading centers for culture and business and it has much influence on education, politics, media, entertainment, fashion, arts and science where all these contribute the status of world’s foremost global cities.

It is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations about 45 million visitors every year. This is one of the renowned student tours Europe.

3. Istanbul:

Istanbul is fifth largest city having 12.6 million populations. Moreover, it is a largest city of Turkey. Istanbul city is encompassed of 39 districts at its province. It has a natural harbor called as Golden Horn in the country’s northwest.

Student Tours Europe - IstanbulIstanbul in the long history has the capital city of Roman Empire, Latin Empire, East Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is a top student tours Europe.

4. Florence:

Florence is a capital city of Tuscany of Italian region. This city is located across the river Arno is well known for the history and importance of Renaissance of Middle Ages. Every year this historic center attracts millions of tourists.

5. Venice:

Venice city is situated in northern Italy, capital of Veneto. This city is historically an independent nation. It is a most beautiful city, which was built by man. Venice is famous for history, musicians, specifically operatic and legendary sons in Antonio Vivaldi fields.

Student Tours Europe - Florence Student Tours Europe - Venice Student Tours Europe - Prague Student Tours Europe - Krakow

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The genetic lineage of Europe

2013-05-07 05:32:11 by 56andfixed

Tia Ghose,
LiveScience Staff Writer
Date: 23 April 2013
Ancient Europeans Mysteriously Vanished 4,500 Years Ago
The genetic lineage of Europe mysteriously transformed about 4,500 years ago, new research suggests.
The findings, detailed today (April 23) in the journal Nature Communications, were drawn from several skeletons unearthed in central Europe that were up to 7,500 years old.
"What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4,500 years ago, and we don't know why," said study co-author Alan Cooper, of the University of Adelaide Australian Center for Ancient DNA, in a statement

Earliest human footprints outside of Africa

2014-02-07 10:02:06 by Glibbons

Archaeologists announced Friday that they have discovered human footprints in England that are between 800,000 and 1 million years old — the most ancient found outside Africa, and the earliest evidence of human life in northern Europe.
A team from the British Museum, London’s Natural History Museum and Queen Mary college at the University of London uncovered imprints from up to five individuals in ancient estuary mud at Happisburgh on the country’s eastern coast.

The sad truth is, the countries of the EU

2005-03-18 21:56:32 by donotreciprocate

With American generosity. We not only accept their students into our universities, but they often get funding from the universities--at least, on the graduate level. No university in Europe would offer this to an American. Once they've graduated, all they have to do is look for an employer to sponsor them, and they're in. The EU (and Canada) don't mind taking advantage of us, but have all kinds of rules which keep Americans out of their job markets. It's ridiculous. Until they are willing to reciprocate, we should operate in exactly the same exclusionary way they do.

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